Why FI?

Freedom. Security. Choices. Fun.  Those are all words that describe Financial Independence to us.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the freedom to choose fun, important work and know that you have the security of a regular income stream?  Now maybe it’s not never have to work again type money, but enough to know that your family will have shelter and food in case a bad situation comes up.

The chart at the top of the page is my actual investable net worth. Basically, all cash and investment assets.  It does not include my house or cars.

Take a look at 2002 on the chart above.  That is where we had a decision to make. MegaCorp was restructuring.  My current position was being eliminated and I was offered a position in a new location…… or a severance package.  My job was our main source of income. We had one child that was two.  We were living in a low cost of living city about an hour away from all of our family.  I still vividly remember that day, decision, and the impacts it had on all of our family. All of this happened during the Christmas holidays.  The decision was not made for more money, career advancement or positive reasons. It was made from a place of fear and survival since we were not FI.

At a time that should be full of happiness and celebration, my ex-wife and I had to tell our families that where were moving several states away and taking their grandchild.

We were still in the process of moving and a few months later, my ex-wife was pregnant with our second child.  Here is another time that should be celebrated and filled with happiness but was overshadowed with sadness due to the upcoming relocation.

Now take a look at the right side of the chart. I am still on my journey to FI, but I have more choices, freedom, and security if we are faced with a similar decision to make today.

For me, that’s why FI.

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  1. Alex Vinson says:

    Great post. I’m glad that things are different for you and your family now.

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