Budgets Are Sexy – J. Money posts 3 times week.  He’s always entertaining and informative. 

Millenial Revolution – They reached FI at 31 and traveled the world. I like their writing style. It’s well-researched and thought provoking.

Mad Fientist – He will get you thinking. Tools to run various scenarios. The podcast is great too.

Root of Good – Retired at 33 in 2013 with a wife and 3 kids. Tells how he did it and updates on progress regularly.

Jim Collins – He started writing to teach his daughter about money. The F you Money post is great.

Mr. Money Mustache – The founding father of the FI movement. Tons of good stuff here.

Personal Capital – I can’t recommend this site enough. Aggregates accounts and has unique ways of looking at your money. The Retirement Planner under Advisor Tools is the best, most customizable FIRE calculator I’ve seen. The mobile app makes tracking on the go very easy.

FIRE Calc – Concerned about running out of money when you FIRE? Plug numbers in here (3 boxes on right side) and see what it tells you. Totally awesome!

Stock Choker – Cool site to see how much an investment would have been worth. Can also be used to figure out rate of return for stocks. Data goes back to January 1970.