I like to read about how others have achieved Financial Independence and I’d like to share our journey to help others. I’ve been reading about personal finance and financial independence since about 1996. My journey started back in 1996 when I first started reading about personal finance and socking money away in a 401k. I’ve read hundreds, if not thousands of books, articles, and websites on personal finance, investing, retirement, and financial independence. We’re still on the journey and plan to share the steps I have taken, good and bad.

The main goal is to share what I have learned to help others. I strongly believe that personal finance should be taught to everyone in school. Since it is not, this is my attempt to help educate anyone who wants to learn more about it. Personal finance can be very confusing with all the information out there, and it does not have to be.

The most important thing in personal finance (and other areas of life) is to just start.

Put On Your Armor, Pick Up Your Weapon, Let’s Go To Battle