Investment Gain Update – 2016 Edition

It always helps me to see real, actual dollar numbers when reading other people’s posts. Something about seeing hard numbers makes it more real. So here are ours. I started with 2012 because that is when we started using Schwab and it’s pretty easy to pull the data together.

These are gains, not the capital itself. I like to look at it this way since it shows what it earned without the distraction of the capital.

YearInvestment Gains


Wait, why do you have negative gains in 2012?  Well, I was moving into individual stocks and changing brokerages to Schwab.  You can see my timing strategy did not work.  That’s okay, it more than recovered in the next 4 years.

Looking at the stats helps me stay focused and validates we are on the right path. If that $80,973 was in a normal brokerage account (not 401k or Roth) and we had $0 of regular income, we could pull that money out tax-free each year…. legally.  Did you say $80,973 in income with $0 in taxes?  Yep, more on that in another post.

Something to think about.

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